Can't save project - "Too many open files"

Hi all,

Cubase LE AI Elements 10.5
iMac 2020 Catalina - 32mb ram

I have a project that’s causing me problems. With a 32 bar loop of just 10 audio tracks it’s perfectly happy. However once I extend the project just a little, many sounds start dropping out. Even if it’s just extended to two minutes.

Moreover, if i then try and save the two minute version I get this error message about too many files being open:

  • I’m not running any other applications apart from cubase and activity. monitor shows no pressure on the CPU, RAM or Disk.

  • All folders have open read / write permissions

  • I’m only using two non-native plugins, and I’ve tried deleting them both to see if they were causing problems but it made no difference.

As you can see from my project screenshots there are very few sounds being used. In my normal studio with a 2014 iMac with 16GB memory I would run four times as many without any issue at all, so I suspect there’s some setting in cubase I’ve missed, or perhaps a corruption of some sort.

Any ideas?