Can't save to mono

I just upgraded from Wavelab elements 10 to Wavelab elements 11.
Version 11 doesn’t save to mono anymore.
No matter if I use an old preset or if I edit the file output properties (save as).
Seems like a serious bug.
v. 11.0.0 build 24
Mono files can only be created using “render”
(it’s not a good thing when you have to go back to previous version after you paid for an update)

Confirmed. Sorry. This was not tested as this is an uncommon function.
Please use the Render function until this is fixed.

Thanks for the fast reply.
For now I’ll keep using WL10 as I have dozens of files to edit.
Render is a good workaround for a few files , but for the work I have to do now, I have to overwrite the existing file, wich is not doable with “render”.

I really appreciate the new fuctions of WL11 so I’ll get back to it as soon as this bug is fixed.

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