Can't save Track Preset or create New Folder for presets

When attempting to save a track preset, when hitting the save button, the window fades away then comes right back as if I never hit the OK button to save the preset. Also, nothing happens when I hit the New Folder button.

Can someone help shed some light on this? I’ve saved presets before and can losd them, but now Cubase has stopped allowing me to save my presets.


Try doing a rescan of your HD with mediabay.

Will do and will report back. Thanks for the suggestion.

I rescanned my hard drive within the media bay and it now appears all the track presets I did have stored are now gone and I still cannot save a new track preset or create a new folder. Things are getting worse!

If you did a complete rescan of the HD and nothing shows up it could be that your C6 preferences
are corrupt. Shutdown C6.
Trash your C6 preferences.
Goto /user/Library/preferences and delete “com.steinberg.cubase.plist” and " complete "Cubase 6 folder.
(or move them temporary to your desktop)
Restart C6 and it will make new clean prefs.

Thanks for the suggestions. I do believe we’re getting to the root of the problem. My Libraries folder is empty…

I think I need to reinstall my OS? I have no idea why there is nothing there and can probably explain why I can’t save track presets.