Can't scroll before or after cursor while playback in montage

Here’s a weird one. While playing back a montage, I can’t scroll forward or after the cursor position. Say I want to fix something or look at audio while playing back a montage, I can enlarge or zoom the montage but can’t go back or forward based on where the cursor is. This is new behavior. Is there a preference to change this behavior?

can’t go back or forward based on where the cursor is

With which commands? I can’t see a problem here.

Yeah, it’s a little hard to explain. If I’m playing an hour long montage for a client and listening say half way thru at track level zoom, if I want to go to the beginning of the montage without changing zoom, I can’t use the scroll bar at the bottom of the montage to go beyond the play cursor either forward or backward. This only happens while play back. Hope that explains better.

I think you must use this option in your case:

Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. Will try when I get to work. Thank you PG.

Following up on this, I think it would be nice if WL would behave the same as Cubase in this regard. There, as soon as you scroll away from the playing cursor, the view is immobilized and (in WL terms) you go automatically from ‘view follows cursor’ to ‘static view’.

Maybe something to consider for future improvement?

I was thinking the same thing. In previous versions, Wavelab and Cubase transport commands were the same. Pressing F on the keyboard would follow or unfollow the cursor.