Can't scroll down to assign instrument in large project

This is driving me insane. I can’t scroll down in order to assign an instrument to my piano. Dorico forces the menu to return to the top. Same issue happens when trying to scroll horizontally through the mixer panel. On a Mac Pro tower running latest version of Dorico.

I have the same problem in Dorico 4 also screens open up to big for my monitors and I can scale them because I can not get to the handles.

Dorico team-is there somewhere else that I can assign this routing? This is a complete show stopper for me. Thanks!

No, unfortunately there’s nowhere else you can assign that routing. However, if I create a project with so many plug-ins instantiated that the menu is taller than my display, if I click and drag in the menu with the left-mouse button, Dorico allows the menu to stay at that position, and then I can click again to select the specific instance that I want to use.