Can't scroll no longer thru Retrologue presets

Retrologue (2) has always worked fine for me . However since I created some Retrologue sounds I no longer can’t scroll through all (defaults) presets. I am not sure if there is a relationship with the creation of the presets but this is really annoying.
Tried to reinstall Retrologue, but that did not work.
Removed my preset (sounds), no change.
Even removing and adding an instance again also does not help.

Hi. Sorry you’re having trouble. If I were you, the next thing I would try is re-installing the Retrologue2 Content. If you got Retrologue2 with Cubase then install from under the Cubase installer in the Steinberg Download Assistant or from under the Retrologue2 installer if you bought it separately. Then register the content using the Library Manager if needed.

hi @SF_Green ,

thx for your reply. I have tried reinstalling both instrument and content, however that did not help neither. Cubase support is now looking at it.

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