Can't see Dorico VST Instrument Panel

Newbie question: I’ve spent half an hour trying to find the VST Instrument panel in Dorico 4. Typing that into the help in Dorico renders no results. Videos just say ‘Open the VST Instrument Panel’, but I see NOTHING on the right hand side of Dorico and no way to show it–no chevron to reveal the right side panel, nothing. All I want to do is change the instrument a part is using. It shouldn’t be this troublesome to do something so simple. Can someone tell me the secret to this very basic dilemma?

If you are trying to open the VST screen, go to Play mode and click the stylized e button.

I think there are multiple things you might have meant, so let’s also ask this: First, are you on the play tab?

Then, are you wanting to change the instrument inside a vst like Halion (as the above answer would help with) or do you want to add a completely new vst? Asking because that is a different thing to click on.

Are those videos perhaps related to Dorico 3? In Dorico 4 the VST Panel is now on the LEFT.

Thanks for the quick responses folks…and the crucial difference between those Dorico 3 videos and Dorico 4. I am trying to add a third-party sound – not something in Halion. How do I do that for an existing part?

In that case you would likely need to use the VST and MIDI tab to install a new VST into your file before you can assign it to a Player (using the other tab) and open it to specify a sound set.