Can't see full Key Editor properly when it's maximized

When I maximize the Key Editor and the Drum Editor it doesn’t stretch properly over the screen.
There is a few pixels at the top where I can see the project window.
Same thing at the bottom but there the Key Editor lower edge disappears a little.
This means the “Create Controller Lane” plus icon and the “Controllers Setup” paper icon have their feet cut off.
Same with the horizontal scroll handle and the zoom thingie at the lower right.

It works but much too often I reach just a few pixels too far south and the Windows Taskbar rears its ugly face.
It’s not that I won’t survive with this traumatic behavior but poking around there hundreds of times gets tedious.
Can we please have these moved up so they’re out of reach for the taskbar at least.
And it wouldn’t really hurt if they were a tad larger …

Anyone else sees this minor annoyance?

Yes, it’s especially infuriating if you have the Windows taskbar set to auto-hide; good luck trying to use the horizontal scroll bar with a mouse! These things are only “minor” if you don’t need to use the editors maximized, i.e. maybe not so minor …