Cant see mixconsole now that second monitor gone

HI All

I used to have a dual monitor setup with cubase with the project window on one and the mixconsole ont he other

now that i have removed one monitor i cant pull up the mixconsole because i think cubase thinks there are still 2 monitors? how can i get the mixconsole on this one monitor?


Maybe selecting one of the preset workspaces will get you there?

I see you have an iMac spec’d and presume you’re running OSX; however, I know on Win machines it is sometimes necessary to find the window listing in the taskbar, right click, select move,press left or right arrow button, then move mouse and window should appear somewhere for you to place as preferred. I don’t recall ever having this issue with OSX, though, and would need to search it out a bit.

This seems like a worthwhile attempt:
“You can go to System Preferences > Displays and change the resolution to something lower, say 1024 x 768 or 800 x 600 and it will cause windows to reset to that smaller display size. Change it back to what you had an all off screen windows should appear.”