Can't see my routing in my Mixconsole without clicking

Hello! On the new Cubase 13 update, I can’t see my routing.
I would like to see the text of the group track I’m routing the track to, like it used to be, now I only see the routing logo and the arrow.


Zoom In Horizontally, please.

Yes I know I can see if I reduce the amount of tracks, but at that level of zoom, on Cubase 12 or 11, I could see the name of the STEM I routed to.

You need to zoom the mixer. It depends on the track size.

Cubase 12 uses a different mixer design.

Yes I know too, but even on Cubase 13 before the latest update I could see atleast the start of the name of the routing.

, now I can’t see anything without clicking or zooming.

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If there is some solution please… or a hotfix

Not a fix , but perhaps a useful workaround. If you set the MixConsole to show the Direct Routing, even if you are not using Direct Routing, it will show the name of your Routing in the first slot. In the pic below the Selected Channel is not using Direct Routing while the Tracks on either side are using it. You won’t see all the Direct Routing slots (like in the pic) if you are only using one.


I truly hope Steinberg does something about this in an upcoming maintenance update. I can’t for the life of me see who it would benefit to have valuable information hidden by static icons. The only option currently is to adopt workarounds to circumnavigate poor design choices that in turn negatively impacts workflow.

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Suggestion (as a FR):

Do not display the Arrow-In or Arrow-out symbols, because there are always two lines, and the top line is always about Input and the second line is always about Output.


I think to show the arrows is OK if there is enough space, but with limited space the arrows should go away.

Couldn’t agree more!

Yeah I just opened cubase 13 for first time when zoomed out you can no longer see routing. Not sure why they are leaning towards putting these icons to try to tell us what “in” and “out” are when I really just want to see the important information which is where it is routed to/from. It was much easier to double check and change routing when you can see a lot of of tracks at once like in all the previous versions.