Can't see the control room in the right panel! (Cubase Pro 9)

Any help? the only two available options are “VST Instruments” and “MediaBay”. When I ctrl+click in the tabs at the top there are no more hidden items that I can add such as the Control Room.

I can only access it from the mixer.

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Control Room is Cubase Pro feature only. What Cubase edition do you own, please?

Hello thanks! I own the Cubase pro 9. Is seeing the control room in the right panel (not the right panel of the mixer) only available in higher versions? My version is 9.0.40


In the past the Control Room Right-Zone was available in the MixConsole only.

Thank you! So as I was thinking, I need to update in order to access this feature. Thanks :slight_smile: