Can't select ASIO device/driver

I have Cubase 6.0.7. Just obtained a UR22. When Cubase starts, it allows me to select the UR22 as the audio interface but then says “driver could not be selected”. I had previously installed the drivers via the disk that comes with the UR22. Cubase finishes loading but under Devices/Device Setup there are no available options for VST Audio System ASIO drivers (the pulldown just says “No driver”.)

This was already the case before I got the UR22 and before I downloaded the 6.0.7 update, I was just hoping those changes would fix the issue. I also have ASIO4All installed to no avail. Do I need to uninstall Cubase completely and reinstall to reset this?


I have seen this on a couple of systems now. For the two users before, the issue was having a wow.dll trojan on their system that was blocking all ASIO drivers. I would suggest looking for that on your system.

I did not find that on my system and also ran a full McAfee scan which came up with nothing.

My next best suggestion then would be to consider an Operating System reinstall. I would suggest checking again for any background wow.dll or wow64.dll to see what on the system is blocking all ASIO drivers from being seen.

Just to close the loop on this, I was never able to find any smoking gun with several different anti-virus programs, so I did an OS reinstall and everything’s back to normal now. Thanks.

Sorry we couldn’t find an easier answer for it, but I am glad to hear you’re back in business.