Can't select bank from Kurzweil PC2.

Can’t select any of the PC 2’s banks in the inspector in Cubase 6. I can select programs up to 128 of the original but not the EXP1 which should be bank 2. Thought there was a way to see the banks in the PC 2 via cubase.

Need to know what control Cubase sends for bank select. The PC2 sends 32. This is from Kurzweil tech
Know that…
1_ by default, the PC2 uses MIDI Bank message cc#32 to send/receive bank info
2_ following the bank message a standard program change needs to be sent 0-127 depending on the patch in that bank you are after

The PC2 has up to 7 Banks:

0= Internal (factory set v1)
1= User (this is potentially where the GM sounds can be loaded)
2= exp 1 (Orchestral ROM)-optional
3= exp 2 (Classic Keys ROM)-optional
4= KB3 Organs -factory set
5= KB3 user bank
6= Internal (factory set v2)
7= GM drum kits

An example:
You want program 099 “Electric 12” out of the pc2 (from bank 6)

From your DAW you need to send