Can't select in installation of tools for ur-c

I’m using PC and my system is windows 10. Hardware is UR22C.
My English is not so good but I will try my best to describe the problem. So please give me a hand.
I tried to move all the steinburg related application to deskD and deleted all of them in deskC, but I found that if I did so than my software can’t operate.
So I install them again in deskC but I found that my dspmixfx show me “no device found”, so I deleted it and tried to download again by download Tools for ur-c package.
But I found that I can’t make any selection in the installion page, in that case, I can’t download dspmixfx either.
I would like to try to delete all of the application which related to steinberg, and download all of them again from the beginning. But I’m afarid that if I do so, the activation on this computer will lost. Since the same access code can’t use for twice, I can’t download any of the software again.
What should I do now?

螢幕擷取畫面 2023-03-13 010421

Here’s the screenshot of setup page. I cannot make any selection but I’m sure that there’s no dspmixfx in my computer. And I can’t find the way to download it without through download the tools for ur-c. And I have tried download all version of Tools for UR-C on the offical website. None of them can make the seletion too.

Can you please say:

What applications are shown in the Windows Program and Features Control Panel?

Yes, I’m sorry for didn’t show that before.
By the way, I couldn’t find these applications while I was trying to uninstall the applications which related to Tools for UR-C. And I’ve tried uninstall them and install again while I was taking the screenshot. But still can’t find dspmixfx, I will try to restart my computer and see if it will appear.
Thanks for the reply!

My dsp comes back after I restart my computer!
Thanks for the help! I won’t find the uninstallation files without your reply. Thanks a lot! :sob: :pray:

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