Can't set project length or start time

For some reason I cannot change project length (or start). When I go to Project setup menu and click on appropriate box it flashes and won’t allow me to enter a new number. For a while it would allow me to enter a number but would then just go back to previous setting.

I’ve been setting up a macbook pro/fireface 800 and had a few troubles along the way (finally got it working). In the process I may have changed some settings somewhere that could induce this situation but can’t figure it out.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Stephen


What happens if you open one of the pre-generated templates in the Project Assistant at start up?

Those should have preoject lenghts set to something around 10 min?

Maybe that would “snap” your system back into letting you edit those feilds?

You might also try trashing the preferences file and letting it rebuild?

(Cubase preferences obviously…)

Thanks, I’ll try.