Cant Sign into Download Assistant due to server and computer time not in sync

Hi I’ve recently purchased Cubase Artist 12 and its great!
This new maintenance update came out and Id like to install it, but, I cant log into my Download Assistant because I’m not synced with the server time, even though my computer is the right time for my time zone, and the server is 3 hours behind.
Any Tips?

server time not sync

Strange but nevertheless …
Just a tip:
Change the time on your computer (temporarily) to satisfy the server
Have a look at your Windows time/region settings.

I just logged out and -in on my Steinberg Download Assistant and experienced no issues. I live in Europe ( UTC + 2)

I don’t know where you are located and also where the Server is, but the timezone shown is in both cases Pacific Daylight Time. Is that the correct timezone for you?

If I’m correct the Server is probably somewhere more west of you. I would check if your timezone is really correctly set.

Windows or Mac?

The type of authentication that SDA uses depends on time synchronization … your computer should be configured to synchronize with a known time source.

even if you don’t allow you computer to adjust during GMT adjust ? My machines an hour out at the moment but i have no problems login and downloading

Worked! I synced my computer clock and the time went down by 3 hours (This matched the steinberg server too).
It seems my computer is set to the wrong time zone (and the steinberg clock is just copying it)
I also can’t seem to change my time zone on my computer for some reason, will have to contact Microsoft support for that lol
Thanks Everyone!

Not sure, it seemed when I was in that state I was messed up and couldn’t log in, Weird.