Can't snap out of the Transport pop-up window in the editors

I’m RTFM about the Transport pop-up window which is almost really cool.
You can’t see the project window bottom bar in the key editor so when I hit my Key Command for editing the Locator positions this popped up.0
I just stumbled on it in the key editor and I don’t think the whole thing is new, but it seems to have changed.
Really cool BUT … how do I snap out of it???

No workie ??? :frowning:

esc once deselects, second esc closes, here anyway.

I found it. I moved the Key Commands … no joke! :mrgreen: :blush:
I have relocated them to another place again. I don’t like it but … it’s a workaround.

I just like to use all the keys I can get my dirty little fingers on but when I try to use the little group with insert delete HOME END page up and page down strange things starts to happen …
The shift key in general is not usable there or on the NumPad part and …
Why is this, Steinberg?