Can't split bass staff into voices?

I’ve set up a key command “option,1” to change a selected note to downstem voice 1.
But it only works in the treble staff of a piano part.
Take a look.
Actually, I saved it as just 4 bars and some piano notes. Then compressed it to ZIP. But it’s still 2.3MB??? So this site says it’s too large. So I can’t upload it.

Those sorts of key commands will only works if the voice already exists in that flow. Does the bass stave have a downstem voice 1 present in the flow yet?

What Leo means is that change to x-voice and “create a new x-voice and change to x-voice” are two different things.
This is why I still use his old trick (on mac) : invoke context menu, v, c, (do not type the commas) and down arrow to choose the needed feature. Very fast and works in 100% situations.