Can't start cubase

i can no longer start cubase pro 11, on my windows 10 pc.
when i try to start it, a pop up window says:
“could not connect POS”.

opened elicenser and it’s not showing any of my cubase licenses.
i tried installing the latest elicenser version, but that didn’t solve this problem.

my usb dongle doesn’t show the red light anymore.
instead it’s flashing in green.
i’ve tried connecting it to 3 different usb inputs, but result is still the same.
i’m thinking the next step would be to uninstall the elicenser and then reinstall it.
i’m assuming the green flashing usb dongle is some kind of error code for something?
any ideas?

did you do maintenance in the elicenser?

To be honest, I haven’t seen a USB-eLicenser LED flashing in green yet…
If you open the eLicenser Control Center which version is shown in the title bar? Is the USB-eLicenser listed and recognized?