Can't Start My Cubase LE4 Software

I had Cubase LE4 installed an my computer at one time but, I sold the product that the software came with and the LE4 disc went with it. I uninstalled the Cubase software.
Now, I just purchases a computer recording interface, Lexicon Lambda, which also came with Cubase LE4 recording software.
I installed everything and all was well until I tried to open my Cubase and it would not let me go any further until I registered the software. I clicked on Register Now and that’s where my real trouble began. Since I already have an account with a product, I can’t find a way to register my New software!
Any advice or instruction would be greatly appreciated!

Don’t click that link, go to My Steinberg and re-authorize your license. You need to use the new # in LCC there.