Can't start The Grand 3 in cubase

My problem started with the update to Cubase 5.1.1. When I wanted to activate the Grand 3 in Cubase a popup with a problem message appears: A serious problem occurs… Later updates and -grade to cubase 6 don’t solved the problem. So I can’t use my beautiful Grand! Only as standalone. This was on my old windows XP but is also on my new Windows 7, i7 6GB computer.
The mail help with Steinberg couldn’t help me. His last suggestion was I can use the Grand as a rewire instr. Unfortunately I don’t know how to manage that. Is there someone who has the solution? thanks.
Grand 3 stops.png


please be sure that you have installed the latest version of Cubase and The Grand 3 on your computer. The latest downloads can be found here



Just that, the latest version of Cubase 5 and 6 is the problem. resuming Cubase 5.0.0 was oké, later versions not. the grand is still updated. thanks

Hi, I have the same ‘serious error’ issue when trying to open in Cubase 7.5. elicenser has been updated, and Grand 3 works fine as a standalone.

Any ideas gratefully received.