Can't tag MP3 files in MediaBay

I’ve been using my ZOOM H4n for quick and dirty sketch recording for a good while now and I have enough files to need some sorting and weeding so I thought I can use MediaBay. It works except if I create my own tag or if I use the star ratings MediaBay won’t remember them if I rescan the folders, or else I do something wrong? Does the fact that I use MP3 files change anything? By pure luck / informed guessing I tried some testing BEFORE I tagged everything, so I’ve only used 20 minutes but I could have used 20 days for all I know just to find out MediaBay won’t remeber MP3 files. I tried to tag a handful of WAV files and they seem to stick better?

MediaBay lost track of the MP3 tags but not of the WAV tags when I removed the folders by unchecking it in the “Define Locations” lane at the left. When I scanned the location again the tags were gone.

You could argue that I shouldn’t uncheck the folders but what happen if I want to move the whole folder including subfolders not too far into the foreseeable future? It’s kind of part of the plan …

Are the tags kept in the MediaBay database file and not written into the files themselves?

Anyone knows more?

OK, I’ll take the pragmatic route and decide THE PLACE ta-daah! where to put the files and let them stay there picking one after the other and do whatever with them. Then it’s workable-ish although not ideal.

But that’s not bad either if I can get rid of external stuff and methods I’ve used to keep track of things and only use Cubase/MediaBay. And that son-of-a-gun gets better and better the more I use it hehe! :sunglasses: