Can't transfer nor import HD files

I recorded a bass player with VST Connect Pro, the session worked fine and I have the performer stereo track in Cubase.

The troubled started when I wanted to transfer the HD files. The transfer stopped with the 3rd file. Starting the transfer again, transferred the 3rd file but then hang and did not continue to transfer the missing files.

To solve this we exchanged the files via a cloud service as suggested in the manual. After the import I got the error dialog that files are missing or corrupt. The imported files sounded like sent through a little distortion or pure noise (while the painted waveform looks totally fine). I checked the source files and there are definitively no files missing and the files all play nicely when dragged into Cubase.

So, I am stuck here. I aligned the files manually in one song with only a few files but this is a time consuming task I do not want to repeat. I guess I do not have to point out that this is very dissapointing for a software with a “Pro” in the title.

Both performer and connect pro use the latest releases. Cubase is also the latest release and running on Windows 10 with latest patches. The performer ran on a Macos (I guess Catalina but not 100% sure). Could this be an issue with different OS?
The project uses 48kHz/24bit. Is the recorded performer track of the same quality as the HD file (both show 48kHz/24bit in the file dialog)?

Any hints or ideas?

Hi moss-forum,

Can you check if you’re both using the same version number for VST Connect Pro and Performer. Regardless, get them to fully uninstall the performer app and reinstall the latest version.

How was the sync performing during the recording. Was the signal string enough?

Were you conncting to each other via your mysteinberg id’s or using the id number method?

Post your comp specs for you and your performer here and we’ll try and help troubleshoot it for you.

That’s weird, haven’t had that before.

That makes no sense at all. I guess the import went well but your audio system went out of sync. If you try Get Local HD and then save and restart Cubase, does that work?

I aligned the files manually in one song with only a few files but this is a time consuming task I do not want to repeat.

Note that the files have a timestamp, so if all else fails you can import to pool and there right click/Import into project/Import at origin. But that should really not be necessary.

Also we implemented a ‘pick up download’ with the next version should Get HD get stuck. Also an ‘export’ feature in Performer that creates a zip file of the correct folder and files.

Great tip with the pool! Will try that!

I did do the following:

  1. Removed all imported files and deleted them from the pool
  2. Tried the import from local files again.
  • Same error message about missing and corrupted files.
  • First file was missing
  1. Saved and restarted
  • The noise parts are gone, so this could be a sync issue as you assumed.
  • All files still have a weird noise floor which is also visible in the waveform.
  1. Then I tried your hint with the pool import. This worked great! I have now only to remove the duplicated older recordings, which is easy! These files play without an issue and sound correct.

See this screenshot with the waveform zoom fully cranked up. First track is the online performer recording. Second track is the import via “local HD load”, which clearly shows the noise. Third track is the original WAV file imported via the pool.

Since the second poster asked about exact specs:
The performer uses a Macbook Pro 13 from 2020 with latest Big Sur 11.1 (could also be an issue). He has the latest 5.0.20 Performer freshly installed, so reinstalling will not change anything.
I run Cubase 11.0.10 with latest VST Connect Pro on a HP

Thanks for posting the specs. I can’t test against them as have older gear here. It is an unusual one, as not seen your particular issue before.

Truly weird. But I see that this ‘noise file’ is overlapping something else. What if you remove it, maybe the correct file is underneath?
If you don’t mind you might send us the Cubase project and the Performer folder (PM me), if it’s not too big. Or just the performerProject and audio files in question - could you locate the ‘noise file’ in the Pool?