Can't turn my pc monitor off when running Cubase?

Hey guys,

I know this is somewhat related to Windows too and not just Cubase, but when I’m running Cubase I cannot turn my pc monitor off (when taking a break from producing). I turn it off, on my laptop it’s fn+f5, and after a few seconds it’s going back on because, I’m assuming, Cubase is using my audio card in the background and it turns back on the monitor.

As an alternative I even put the pc in sleep mode, but then when I wake it up there’s another problem, I’m getting an error from the e-licenser, that it was turned off and Cubase cannot recognize it, and the result is that Cubase totally freezes, and I have to manually shut it down and then restore the project.

Have anyone encountered this? The only solution is to exit Cubase whenever I want to take a break, or to keep my monitor on, both are frustrating

EDIT: In my laptop I cannot turn down the brightness all the way, that could have been a workaround for this

Thanks a lot in advance for any help

for use on a laptop you’d have to change the power configuration settings.
Make it so that you just turn off the screen when closing the lid. (just push your windows key on the keyboard and write “power”, you’ll find the settings dialog).


Hello Ralf thanks a lot for your reply, I’m trying to find those settings, did you mean “change advance power settings” ? Or elsewhere? I can’t find it

Thanks again in advance

Sorry, wrong screenshot.
In your advanced power settings you should have an entry where you define what to do when closing the lid.
Put PC to sleep, turn off or do nothing, something alike.
I forgot what the parameters are called in English, I’m on a french system. :wink:

Oh great I found it here:

Thank you so much!

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