Can't understand all the functions

Hello everyone!

So I’ve had Cubase Elements 9.5 for some time now, but I still can’t understand all the stuff there is. I’ve watched some videos and understood very elementary information, however, I’m still not comfortable using the software, since I feel like I’m lost all the time. I’ve also read very few pages from the manual, but its size appals me. If I read the manual, will I be able to understand everything well? Are there any other ways to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about Cubase?

I love the software and can’t wait to compose.

Thanks for the answers.

You have to take it one step at a time. Learn which part you want to do first, that’s what helped me and it was smooth sailing after that.

Cubase is complex and a bit difficult to learn, but it is very powerful (i.e. can do just about anything). I learned most of it by reading the manual and watching YouTube videos. Currently best beginner videos are by Chris Selim from Mixdown Online (search on YouTube). And make yourself a list of priorities: first you need to know how to transport (navigate in project), then you need to know how to make tracks or whatever floats your boat etc. and learn only what you need right now.

Hi, and welcome to the forums. This section of the forums is for reporting bugs or errors within the program. For more general questions I suggest using the main Cubase forum or the the Cubase Lounge.

Learning Cubase is a years long process. While you can get some good results almost immediately, you can expect it to take 12 to 18 months to fully explore all the program offers. Start with the basics and then build on that. Keep watching the videos on youtube, read some articles and posts on the forums. Things will fall into place quickly, but “quickly” is measured in weeks and months, not days and hours. Again, welcome, and good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your kind and helpful answers!

You’re welcome. In terms of videos, I agree that Chris at Mixdown Online does very good videos, but he’s more for advanced users. For the most basic functions, see Mike Smith’s ADSR Pro videos. Mike covers the very basic Cubase without going into great detail, so you get a fast overview of features. The Cubase features have been relatively the same for the last few versions, so videos that show things in older versions are often still valid for the current.

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What I did and still do at times is pick a “Cubase Topic of the Day” and then explore just that.

My current effort is to better use the Score Editor, Expression Maps and Note Expression functions.

Long-term users sometimes forget things, new users don’t know things and new projects bring up new questions for everyone, so it all just kind of rolls along.

To start with work out what you want to do, then look up how to do it (through YouTube videos or the manual) otherwise you’ll flounder around for ages.

You’ll invariably come across other things as you approach it this way and gradually get the whole picture