Can't uninstall Cubase 8.5 Trial

I’m using Windows 10. After selecting uninstall I get the error “specified account already exists”. Any advice on how I can uninstall the trial version? I thought maybe doing a repair and uninstall might work, but I can’t do a repair as the install files are long gone and no longer available online.

Thanks for your help!


I also had this issue once. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the solution right now. Help me to remember, please.

Do you have multiple partitions on your HDD? Can they see each other?

I have multiple drives and all programs live on C: – that hasn’t been partitioned at all.


Googling this suggests it is due to registry corruption and the recommended fix is to use something like this. (It’s a free download and seems to be safe to use)

Shoot, that looked like a good tool but alas, still not able to uninstall.

Then you may need to repair registry errors first. Try to follow this instruction…it’s basically runing MS Fixit and then using IOBit.

Thanks for the tip, MSFixit successfully uninstalled!