Can't uninstall driver/Install new driver

I did a normal Windows uninstall of the USB driver vers. 1.99 which showed it was successful. Want to install an older Steinberg USB driver but the setup keeps telling me a new driver exists, so setup fails.
I have both a UR22mkII and UR44.
My UR44 has been working flawlessly on my desktop with an older driver.
My UR22 I just bought was on my laptop giving me trouble so tried it on my desktop. That meant I needed to install the latest USB Driver 1.99 but problems on desktop with the UR22 so its getting returned or in the trash. (I know the audio drop problems have been ongoing)
My problem is with version 1.99 my UR44 has issues now. So I need to go back to an older driver which hopefully will allow me to work again or the UR44 will go in the trash.
*I have made sure the driver no longer existed in \Windows\System32\Drivers
*I removed anything in the Windows Registry pointing to the driver
But still when I run the Setup for an older driver it tells me a newer version driver is already installed.
Is there any workaround for this?
Also where can I find older versions of the USB driver? The one I found was four years old and I think the version that was working with my UR44 was something like 1.8x

Any help is very appreciated.

Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver 1.7.3 · 64-Bit · 13 MB is the oldest driver you can download for Win 7 and Win 8.
Just the Mac Version have the older driver Vers.: 1.8.1
Here´s the Link:

Hope that helps.



But it will not let me install. Tells me a newer version is installed even though I removed version 1.99.
I need to know how I can install the older driver.

Did you uninstall from Device Manager?

I found a few registry entries left to delete. Then I was able to install driver 1.7.3. Seems to be working so far though I tested quick.
Thought the driver version I had been running for the past year was newer than 1.7.3 but of course before 1.9.9. This is Windows. Are there driver’s between these versions?