Can't unlock Cubasis LE2 with iRig

My understanding is that I can unlock the minimal feature set of Cubasis LE 2 on my iPad Pro with my iRig hardware by connecting the device to my iPad. Doesn’t work. Maybe it’s because I have the very latest iRig Pro I/O that’s not listed under supported hardware? But all other iRigs are.

I would really like to unlock the full feature set with the IPA but can’t until I get by this step. Has anyone else had any success with this?


Thanks for your message.

Supported hardware devices should unlock Cubasis LE by simply connecting the device to the iPad as shown in the available tutorial:

Please find the list of compatible hardware devices following this link:

Please let me know about the exact name of your device in use (if possible, please add the IK M website link matching the product), so I can check back with IK Multimedia regarding the topic.