Cant update from 10 to 11. because in the elisensr was changed the key from 10 to 10.5

Guys, last year i updated to cubase 10 from 7.
Today i bought update to 11 version
but in my elicenser changed license key from 10 to 10.5 and i cant apply the update


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I’m not quite sure what you mean by “changed key” - can you try explaining again ?
You have 10 or 10.5 ?

in my elicensor the key has changed from version 10 to 10.5
i cant explain how it was happened
i didnt buy this update
Is it possible to back my key to 10 version somehow?

if you have version 10.5 it might have been automatically updated because you bought in a Grace Period ?

Are you saying that your code for v11 doesn’t work in the elicencer ?
Is it a DOWNLOAD code
You understand you need to put the V11 download code in the steinberg download assistant

no, im sure i didnt update in the grace period. i have receipts of my purchases
i us ethe laste version of ecliceser software. i tried put code in the steinberg download assistant and throught elicenser center as well. but not successБезымянный

is the the picture when you try to upgrade ?
looks like you have cubase open there - have you tried it closed ?

is it possible to back to 10 version key somehow?

sure, i tried many times

sorry - you’re probably gonna have to email support - unless somebody else on the forum have any idea…

thanks for answer. i sent few messages to
waiting for reply
im really cant understand how it was possible. i need back my licenser to 10 version… otherwise should pay 99$ … terrible situation

i hope they can send me new Access or Activation code from 10.5 to 11…

I’m sure they will sort you out - plus it should be cheaper, you may even get a refund …worth asking :slight_smile:

hope so. did i use the correct email?

you should probably log it via MySteinberg

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For help on a purchase you should contact Steinberg’s storefront company, Nexway - that’s who would handle this request.