Can't update my cubase pro 8

I can’t install the last update of cubase pro 8.
I downloaded it several times with different machines and different connections, but every time it says: You need a valid installation pack of cubase pro 8 x 64.
How can I solve this issue?
Please help me

Thank you very much.
I tried to contact the steinberg’s support team 2 times on february but they never replied to me.
Please help me :slight_smile:


This is a common problem with Cubase updaters. The installer won’t install without the original installer being in the same location you originally installed it from.
You can work around this by downloading the full installer from your MySteinberg account.

I tried to download the full installation of cubase pro 8, but it’s the same. When I install it asks me if I want to search for updates and I click “YES”. Then it downloads the update and when it’s time to install cubase… The same issue described before :frowning:
Any other suggestion?
ps: sorry for bad english

Hmmn. I guess it is still looking in a different place for the installer.
Could you try to run the repair option.
If that still won’t work I’m fairly sure that uninstalling first and then running the full installer should work.

Ok… I just installed the updated. But it is a little bit tricky and strange for achive it.
This is my method:
1)download the full installation of cubase pro 8 and extract it in a folder.
2)download the update and extract it in the same folder where you have extracted the full installation of cubase pro 8 ( downloaded before)
If WINDOWS ask to copy and sobstitute the files, you have to click yes.
Then you click the cubase_8.0.40_64bit_update.msp and install it, then it will asks you to locate the cubase8_64bit.msi in the same folder of the update’s folder.
And yeah, you have installed the update.
This is the only method worked for me.
Hope can be usefull for other one with my same problem.
Ps I hope that some MODERATOR can correct this post in a good english to make it easy to read for everyone.
Thanks for help and for the suggestion to download the original full installation pack of cubase.