can't update to 6.02 - SOLVED

When I run the Cubase_6.0.2_Update file it starts unpacking but then quits. File size is 131.948.
I’m trying to update 6.00 32 bit build 229 located in another folder than the default folder.
Help please!

first off, download it again.

did that twice already…

well, stop then. :slight_smile: More specific info is needed, your setup, error message, basically everything.

:slight_smile: - thanks… - sorry for short answer…
I click on the update file - a small window opens saying “loading”, a little green progress line starts from the left, gets about halfway and then the window closes. Then nothing… - no error message etc…
setup is in my sig…

No one else has this problem ??

Maybe this is the route of the problem?

I always thought putting Cubase any place other than it’s default location/s was risky.

I dont think so - it hasn’t been a problem updating before…
Thank’s anyway :slight_smile:

Am I really the only one with this problem ???

Hi Mads,

I have similar problems with most updates for Cubase. The installer starts, I see a brief flash of some sort of window which closes immediately and that’s it.

What helps me is playing with the compatibility settings for the installer file. Sometimes it works with setting compatibility to Windows XP SP3, other times, Windows XP SP2. And of course “run as administrator”.

Regards, Mikael

That did the trick!
Than’ks so very much Mike :slight_smile:

Hi Mads,

I’ve just made a fresh Windows 7-64 and Cubase 6-32 installation and I’m suffering the same problem than you when trying to update to Cubase 6.0.2.

I deduct that the solution proposed by Mikael has solved your problem so may I ask you what exactly have you done?

All the best

Right-click the installer file, choose properties/compatibility/tick the “run this program in compatibility mode for windows xp”.
Worked here :slight_smile:

Many thanks Mads. I’ll try it tomorrow at the studio.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: