Can't Upgrade CubasePro 10.5 to 12

I Live in Saudi Arabia and i can’t find the country in the cubase website list when i proceed with purchasing the upgrade.
I found another opportunity by thomaan then i have to wait for 10 delivery plus paying 100$ for the upgrade and 60$ for shipping and now digital purchase available in the website.
Is there any easy solution for this ?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

You can buy the upgrade online from the Steinberg shop. You will get the code immediately.

Thanks Martin!
When I do that and proceed with payment there’s a form I have to fill and I have to choose a country before I reach the final payment my problem is Saudi Arabia not included in the list!
Is it safe to choose another country instead?


To be honest, I don’t know to 100%, but I would guess it is from the license point of view. If you need it because of taxes, you could have a problem with the taxes/invoice at your authority office. But from the license point of view, I believe it doesn’t matter.

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