Can't use Kurzweil PC3x inputs in Cubase 12/13

Hi all!

I have a problem.
I use Kurzweil PC3x. I worked on it starting from version Cubase 10, everything was fine, it worked properly. Both inputs and outputs.
After updating to version 12, everything stopped working. At first, the indication of MIDI input signals stopped being displayed. They appeared periodically, but nothing more. Then I discovered that each new connection to the DAW broke the Kurzweil operating system, which turned on the arpeggiator, which could only be turned off by rebooting the system to factory settings.
I tried to somehow make Cubase and PC3x friends, I looked for similar problems on the forums, but all the options were quite old and did not help…
I hope maybe someone can help me now, thanks!

upd: I would like to add that when checking all the actions in other DAWs and programs such as external VST instruments, everything works fine.

Welcome, @Basil_Kure :slightly_smiling_face:

At this gear level, I guess that you are using the sounds of it, instead of using it as a sophisticated MIDI controller. So, how is your PC3x connected, both audio and MIDI, to Cubase ?

If USB for MIDI, I would try to use the old but trusty DIN connectors instead, just to see if the behavior of your setup is the same, this, after having deactivated all the eventual Cubase MIDI/Generic Remote sets. Beside this, I would also try a PC3x System reset, but ONLY after being sure that I have saved all the work/presets done with it.

Additionaly, check the usual MIDI related stuff in Cubase :

  • MIDI ports setup (Studio > Studio Setup > MIDI Port Setup panel),
  • Channels used,
  • Audio inputs/outputs routing.

Either if you are using a MIDI or an instrument track with it, I would suggest to use the MIDI Monitor plug-in, bundled with Cubase, as an insert to check what are the actual messages received.

I would also try to use the safe mode with the Disable program preferences option. If this sill doesn’t work, as a last resort and after having carefully saved the C12 defaults.xml file (path : C:\Users\ (userName)\Lambda\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 12_64) in a safe place, I would try to copy your C10 equivalent one and paste it in your C12 preferences folder.

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Thank you for your reply!
Yes, connection via USB.
I’ll try the options you suggested and write here later if there are any changes. Thank you!

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