Can't use my external mic?

Hi, I recently started using Cubase, and have had my fair share of problems.

My problems have mainly been with being confused about how to setup my midikeyboard and have the sound from Cubase come in through my headphones. They’ve since been sorted, but now i stand before my next great challenge.

I’m trying to use my external Røde Microphone through my audio interface (Audiolink Pro V.1.0)
And when i connect the interface i can see that it is powered by my pc, and that it is registering sound (A small flashing green light on the interface). However in Cubase i can’t find the audio interface. I can find the mic on my headset and activate it just fine, and i can see my midi keys, but i can’t seem to find either the microphone or more normally the audio interface. I’ve used this interface through garageband many times, and it hasn’t been a problem.

I sincerely hope you guys can help me!


  • Jacob

If you haven’t already, install the ASIO driver for the Audiolink.
Go to Devices/VST Audio System
And choose the Audiolink ASIO driver, hit OK
Then open the VST Connections (F4) and configure the Inputs and Outputs.
Click on the Monitor (little speaker) icon, if you want to hear what is going to be recorded.