Can't use Retrologue in Halion

Erm? Is it just me? I have never been able to run Retrologue in a standalone VST host, not even Steinberg’s Halion 5 or 6.

Is Retrologue purely reserved for use within Cubase?

I can only assume that Covid19 has killed off most of the (helpful and knowledgeable) forum members of yesteryear.

Well there’s still Hybrid/Wave/Poly and Rast-a I guess. Just several other interfaces to familiarise with, I guess.

Halion is no vst host. Retrologue doesn’t run in it.

Thanks for the straightforward explanation. I think I get it now. Halion’s not a VST host and Retrologue is a VST plug-in.

BTW, didn’t there used to be a ‘say thank you’ button somewhere in these forums? Can’t find it now.