Can't use spectralayers on cubase 11 pro

I installed cubase 11 pro
and I got the spectralayers one with it…
but when I try to use it as an extention it does nothing… it opens up the spectralayers but not doing anything… its not analizing and everithing is grey…

if i open the spectralayers One not thrugh cubase, it works just fine…

any advices??

Hi and welcome,

Could you attach a screenshot? Can you see the preparing data message? Are you on Mac or Windows, please?

I’m using a Mac
and I’m adding a screen shot


I’m not able to upload any picture file… dont no why…
the preparing data is showed but nothing happnes


Then you are probably facing the known issue with the non-english letters in the project path. The projects’ parent folder or any folder up must not contain any non-english letters (like üäöáíéěšč, etc.). If the folder contains any of these letters, you can see only Preparing data… message and nothing happens.