Cant use the Behringer FCB 1010 in cubase elements 11 with Amplitube5

Hey All
I have a possible Midi Problem in Cubase elements 11
Cant use the Behringer FCB 1010 with Amplitube5
Ive checked the settings but nothing changed
please help me with this one thnx in advance

Hi and welcome on the forum,

Could you please attach screenshots of your settings?

Can you see incoming MIDI signal to Cubase? Can you see signal on the Track? How did you control the plug-in in the past? Did you use MIDI Learn in the plug-in or did you use Quick Controls?

Hello Martin

Thnx for catchin up so quick
I see both the signals in cubase right bottom and in the track
i never used it before in cubase Midi learn was it
and i took a look at the quick controls (see attachment)
perhaps you can help me out with this one
thnx in advance
Greetz Peter

troubleshoot Irig 2 p1.gif


I would go the Quick Control way.

HI Martin,
I already did :grinning:
see Gifanimation in the attachment
thnx & Greetz Peter

(Attachment Automation amplitube 5 cubase p2.gif is missing)


On the GIF from the 1st post, you don’t show the Quick Controlls, as far as I can see.

Fire is your Studio > Studio Setup > Quick Controlls settings? You don’t need the MIDI track then. Just in the Quick Control panel (on the track) choose the parameter, you want to link to the dedicated Quick Control (slot). And you are ready to go.

Thnx so much Martin
Greetz Peter

Hi Martin
I have configured the 2 pedals
but i have a problem, i can not switch the presets in amplitube 5
I tried with quick controls like you said, but negative results
How do i get the stompbox mode with cubase elements 11 and amplitube 5
for this i use:
cubase elements 11
I rig midi 2
amplitube 5
behringer FCB 1010
please let me know how i do this
Greetz Peter


I see, if you want to switch the presets, you have to use Generic Remote Device. To the MIDI message assign Next Preset Key Command. To the other MIDI Message, assign Previous Preset Key Command in the Studio > Studio Setup > Generic Remote Device.

You can even combine Quick Controls (for dynamic automatible parameters) with Generic Remote Device.

Ok Matin thnx
Ill try it , wish me luck because i never worked with it

Greetz Peter

Hi Martin
it doesnt work, i dont know how that works
ive send you a attachment
greetz Peter

(Attachment 12.gif is missing)


Sorry the attachment is missing.


(Attachment 12.gif is missing)

is the attachment there??


Yes, I can see the screenshot, now.

First of all, I’m wondering, you set iRig as MIDI Input. I would expect Behringer FCB 101 as an input.

In the upper part, set the MIDI Message (you can also use Learn feature). In the bottom part, set the action. In your case, it’s the Key Command action, I mentioned earlier.

I have used the learn function, but now i have a problem with CC parameters.for in the track
what can i use ( CC)??

Greetz Peter

Martin do you have the program anydesk or team viewer??
then you can look in my pc whats wrong with the midi
Greetz Peter


Yes, once you use the MIDI CC in the Generic Remote Device, you cannot use it in the track anymore (from the very same MIDI Input).

can you look in my pc please , im sure that the problem will be solved
because you have more MIDI experience than i do


I sent you Private Message.