Can't use Yamaha MOX6 with Cubase AI 5

So I got my MOX6 a couple of months ago and each time I try to use it with Cubase, that it came with,
it keeps showing me a box that says in red “unmapped”.
I don’t really know all the technical terms and I’m new to this version of Cubase.
Plus I’ve downloaded all that I need from the websites, ( I hope!)
Any help please?

I’d like to record the songs I made on the MOX6 and edit them
in Cubase and do other stuff as well

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you provide a screen capture of the error you’re getting?

Yes but I’m not at home at the moment so when I get home I’ll post it :slight_smile: thanks
for replying

This is what it says. Don’t worry about the Axiom because I set that up with it and works fine.
The problem is setting up the Yamaha MOX6

Any help on what unmapped means? and how I can fix this problem so that it works with


Take a look at these suggestions and see if they’re helpful:

This might get you started. Sounds like maybe something is not connected correctly or not turned on.

Have you been to Motifator?

There are detailed documents in the support section describing how to get the MOX and Cubase working together.

mox6 basic audio recording, Part 1

Then follow the link at the bottom of that page to the next part, there are three in all. Just follow the examples and you’ll be all set.

Ah thanks a lot :slight_smile: