Can't warp some audio tracks

I’ve just recorded 8-part harmonies as separate tracks for a project I’m working on. They were all recorded using the same mic, etc. as straight audio events - one track after the other. But 2 of the 8 can’t be audio warped -it’s just not offered as an option in Inspector.
I have noticed that the display for these tracks is different with the vertical time lines only shown top and bottom in the main display (rather than all the way down the display as for all other tracks) and the selected events in Editor look different as well. I must have inadvertently clicked something I shouldn’t have, but don’t know what that was; so I am lost as to how to make these tracks “normal” again, just like the other 6, so I can work on them.


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Sure, Martin.

Screenshot attached.

As you’ll see the audio event display for the bottom two tracks only have the vertical time code/beat bars top and bottom of the track display, whereas the bars go top to bottom in the other six tracks. The display itself isn’t the problem, as such; but it marks these two tracks out as different and the problem is that, unlike the other six tracks, they cannot be manipulated and adjusted by things like audio warp - and that is a problem for me.
What I don’t understand is that all eight tracks were recorded one after another in exactly the same way, so I really don’t get why they are not behaving identically to one another.

Thanks for your help.


These are Audio Parts. Please Shift + Right Click them and select either Bounce Selection (to keep any edits) or Dissolve Part to convert them into regular Audio Events.

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Thanks, Romantique_Tp.
That fixed it. But I’m still trying to figure out what caused these “Audio parts” to be created in the first place - all 8 vocal tracks were recorded in exactly the same way. By experimenting, it may be something to do with recording re-takes on a separate track and then pasting those retake sections into the 8 parts as necessary and then joining the audio events together within the track - that may be the cause.

Anyway, I now know how to return the track to being straight (and warpable) audio; so thanks again.



The Audio Part becomes created once you glue multiple Audio Events.

Ah, yes, that makes sense and ties-in with what I discovered when experimenting, as mentioned, when pasting-in and gluing vocal retakes from another track.

Thanks again for your help.