Can't white-list any plugin, always crash

at first I thought there was a problem with just Direct Offline Processing (DOP) because I had a lot, a LOT of crashes with it lately using any plugin in the last project. Then someone recommended me to reinstall Nuendo 10 and do a clean install. So I did, but now the problem transformed into something different. Some of my plugins disappeared in blacklist (VST3s, VST2s 64b) - namely for example East West’s Play, Eventide’s Blackhole, Boom Library’s Enforcer and Recenter etc. And EVERYTIME I try to whitelist any blacklisted plugin, Nuendo crashes. When I try to whitelist any plugin using a notepad in the AppData folder, Nuendo crashes too. I even tried disabling ASIO Guard, didn’t help.

I’ve used some of these blacklisted plugins a lot, but now it broke, probably with 10.1 update, but cannot confirm that. Only know that before 10.1 i was fine. Can’t say if I was fine on 10.1 and something happened afterwards that broke this for me. Anyone any ideas please? When I wrote to Steinberg, I got a reply after 14 days that I should contact a local distributor, like wtf? I report a crash, possible bug, and some wise guy tells me to contact some place that doesn’t even have an email or framework for contacting it… :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

Not sure about the rest, but Eventide Blackhole has a known problem. I have tested it in Cubase 10 (Windows 10) and I have a ticket open with Eventide. My personal work-around was to run Cubase as “Administrator”, otherwise it would crash Cubase. Your mileage may vary.