Cantar X3 - Import automations fader (post track) for post prod

Hello everyone!

I’m a mixer and for some projects I would like to recover the downmix automations done by the sound engineers in shooting on the tracks of booms or HFs.

Aaton developers had told me a few years ago that it was planned, and I noticed recently that the latest updates of the Cantar X3 allow to modify these curves after recording with a visual on them.

So I contacted Aaton again:

The cantar X3 with the latest firmware saves the automation of the mix.

That is to say, for sound engineers that module post track (faders of cantarem for downmix mixing), we can recover the volume automation. For those who module in pre track (on the gains of entries) this is not possible.

For the moment, no developer outside AATON has looked into the question:

How to recover these automations of volume and to copy them on the tracks source in clip gain Or track’s automations?

AATON is waiting for that.

To Reaper, with the extension of Vordio it works.

Avid on his side is waiting for AATON to develop the thing.

It would be wonderful for post production sound if Steinberg integrates a solution for Nuendo and Cubase!

Zaxcom propose this solution: