Cant't reopen file after having changed a 2-staves Marimba into a one staff instrument


after having changed a 2-staves Marimba into a 1-staff Instrument, I can no more open the dorico file. Is this a bug? What is wrong? I already had a lot of music written in the 2-staves instrument, and after the change all was correctly notated in one stave, but then after having closed the file it was no more possible to reopen the score. Has anybody made a similar experience?

Thanks Lukas

It’s not an experience I’m familiar with, but it’s hardly possible to comment without the actual file. If you upload your Dorico project here, maybe people can try to confirm the problem. Or it could also be useful for the development team (who read everything on this forum) if there’s an actual bug involved.

This is not normal. But as Pjotr says, we’d need to see the file to either confirm or diagnose the problem. Are you getting an error message or is dorico crashing? What actually happens when you say you “can’t open it”?


thank you for your reply! I send you a reduction from that work with only this marimba issue - it’s really this case: changing a 2-staves marimba to 1 staff makes, that I get this:

So it seems to be a bug.

Best, Lukas

Marimba_Bug.dorico (988 KB)

Bildschirmfoto 2021-11-14 um 21.19.21.png

I can confirm it doesn’t open. I did a quick test with a 2-staff marimba to 1-staff and it didn’t cause a problem. It looks to be be something specific with your file. If you post the 2-staff version, we can try the change instrument and see if the problem tracks.

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I can confirm, your file won’t open on my system either.

Thanks everybody for replying!

The attached file shows the situation before I changed the 2-staff Marimba to 1 staff (and it opens correctly). And these are the steps I did just before (they have nothing to do with the marimba-changing, but I show them anyway for completion):

Best, Lukas

Marimba-Bug-situation-before.dorico (988 KB)

I think now, that the situation displayed in the attached screenshot could have caused the problem: different independent measures (meters) and tonal systems.

Best, Lukas

The project file is certainly in bad shape. We’ll take a look and see if there’s anything that can be done to get it opening again, but I can’t make any promises.

Fortunately one of my colleagues was able to fix up the project. Check that everything still looks as you expect around bar “15” (after rehearsal mark R) in the second flow.

Marimba_Bug fixed.dorico (992.3 KB)

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Dear Daniel Spreadbury

thank you very much!

I guess that the problem lies in the fact that I use different independent meters and tonal systems (it’s a complex microtonal ensemble piece)
No problem if you cannot reopen the damaged file - I had a backup and only lost one hour of work.

Here the passage where I guess the problem comes from:

Marimba-Bug-situation-before.dorico (988 KB)

Yes everthing’s alright - so the problem were the independent meters?

Thank you very much

Lukas Langlotz

Certainly the problem was with one of the time signatures, yes, but we’re not actually sure exactly how the project got into that state – we’ve not seen anything like it before.

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I’m glad Daniel got it working for you. I had isolated it to Flow 2 but was not able to determine the extact cause.

Another approach that works more reliably for future reference.

  • Add the one staff Marimba as an additional instrument. Make sure it is right below the original Marimba.
  • Make a temporary Score Layout with just the two marimbas.
  • Undo any cross staff notes.
  • Select all with <ctrl>A (will have to be done one Flow at a time)
  • Press <atl>M twice. This will move all the notes to the one staff Marimba.
  • Delete original Marimba and Score Layout.
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I found the exact cause of this bug.

Please activate signposts > time signatures. In flow 2, there are three pairs of hidden local time signatures in the same rhythmic position, one at the upper staff and one at the lower staff of the grand staff. These are the cause of the bug that prevents the project from opening if you change this grand staff to a single-staff instrument. So display these hidden things like below.

Then, change instrument to 1 staff marimba > save project > close project > reopen project . I think this bug disappears.