Cany anyone explain a VST to me?

I mean the function of a VST, how does it work? What things can a VST do and not do?

We all use them, but I suspect we know very little…


No simple answer - VST isn’t really a thing, its a specification that defines how Cubase and a programmer’s idea for something (an effect, an instrument,etc) can talk to one another. This ‘talking’ ensures that things happen at the Cubase output when they are intended to, and Cubase can save all the VST’s parameters (settings) in the project file.

The VST spec is constantly evolving - VST 1.x was VST effects only, VST 2.x added VST instruments, and we are now on VST 3.x. The place I start at is, but you’d need to be an experienced programmer to understand it all.