Capo and Flows

When I add capo chords above my C instrument chords, Dorico will overlap my flow heading. I tried creating a separate text box in my layout just for the flow heading, but it doesn’t pull in the name (I’m assuming this is due to it being outside of the flow music frame):

Not sure what I can do to space this out so it shows properly (flow name above the tempo info/capo chords).
Also, is there any options in Dorico to show what capo to use when playing the capo chords (ie music I am referencing shows “Capo 3:” before the first capo chord). Not a big deal (I can add a text box) but figured it was probably a feature I was overlooking.

can’t you lower the top border of the music frame in the page layout
or pull down the first system?

Changing the frame directly on the page causes a page override, which freezes the page in place. Since this is the first page of a flow, you can modify the first-page template. Then that change will apply wherever a new flow starts.

One can also create a custom Flow Header with a lower bottom margin and assign it to any page where it is required, thus avoiding a page override.

You don’t even need to create a separate flow heading template if you don’t need one: simply insert a flow heading change on the page, and use that to change the flow heading margins.