Capo chords: enharmonic entanglements

Is there any way for me to edit or adjust the spelling of capo chords? I’m working on a pretty common scenario for liturgical music (F, capo 3 to D) and am noticing some really gnarly enharmonic choices: Dm is Cbm :face_with_diagonal_mouth:, Am7 is Gbm7 :grimacing:, F(add9) is Ebb(add9) :nauseated_face:. While technically correct, they’re atrocious in practice… Anything I can do short of manually creating capo chords there?

I believe what you need to do is choose Capo Chord Symbol Definition from the Chord Symbols menu for the player showing the capo chord symbols, and set it like this:

Now Dm will be Bm, Am7 will be F#m7, and F(add9) will be D(add9).

Aha! It was set to D#4. So, the trick here is to manually set it to the most common key signature instead of clicking to your desired interval? I wonder if maybe the more common KS might become the default in a future version to save time? Anyway, thanks much, Daniel.

I’m afraid you have to think about it, and express the transposition in terms of the interval you want. You need to transpose by a minor third, rather than an augmented second, so you need to choose E flat rather than D sharp.

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Or, even better: would it be possible to integrate capos into the chord symbols popover? For example, could typing “capo 3” create a capo line on that staff, set to an acceptable key (E for G, D for F, etc.) based on set parameters? It’d be really cool if it also created a capo label (e.g., “Capo 3”) at the top of the part. This would be an enormous timesaver and the coolest implementation of capos on the planet.

Hey now. I did not sign up for thinking. :wink: