„Capture“ Feature from Ableton Live 10 in Cubase 10

The new „Capture“ Feature in Ableton Live 10 is absolutely fanatstic! So incredible easy to use and it dramaticaly improves my Workflow in Songwriting! PLEASE consider implementing this Feature in Cubase 10! It‘s a Gamechanger not only for songwriters!

Cubase already has this feature its called “retrospective record” in the transport drop down menu


Cubase has had Retrospective Record since the 90’s! :laughing:

The shortcut for it is **Shift+Num ***

Ableton Live (and several newer DAWs) are VERY lacking when it comes to MIDI editing. Most of these “new” features they have been adding is stuff that Cubase has been able to do for a very, very long time.

Also, Cubase has up to 60 seconds Audio pre-recording.


Ableton 10 also has this amazing new features where you can view the MIDI notes of MORE THAN ONE TRACK AT ONCE!!!


Wow! I didn’t know Cubase could do that!!! Thanks for sharing that!!!

Hey thanks for sharing! I‘m blown! working with Cubase since the 90‘s and didn‘t know that! :astonished: wtf :smiley:
great to know now!!

The more I find out about Cubase, the more I love it. Capture is there right in front of us.
Thank you sharing