Capture Plugin when Recording

When recording an audio file in the Montage with plugins active in the track, is it possible to have the plugin processing applied to the recorded file?

If not, this would be a useful feature. Maybe a toggle/checkbox to “apply plugin processing on capture/recording” next to each plugin?

bob weston
chicago mastering service

Not possible. But if you want to record with plugins, do this from the Master Section with the new Live Input Recording feature.

Thanks, Philippe. I’ll check that out. I’m new to WL and am learning.

I think it would be a nice feature to add (an option to print plugins during recording).

bob weston

However, there is somehow a way:

  • Add a reference track to the montage
  • Add track effects
  • Select an output bus for this track. This bus should go to your external gear.
  • Record the result from another montage track.

With this setup, your audio is first process through software plugins, then to external gear.

I think the request is to have INPUT FX like REAPER and the UA Apollo can do.

A way to insert FX after the A to D converter input, but before recording it back to a track.

I think the method you just described would not be what Bob is asking because the FX would be before the external FX rather after the external FX and A to D input.

A way to insert FX after the A to D converter input, but before recording it back to a track.

In that case, the live input rendering previously mentioned, should work. This just requires an extra step, to insert the recorded file to a montage track.

Merci, Philippe.

I would still request a feature where you could apply the track plugin to the recorded file in a montage audio track while recording (listen to plugins vs. listen and apply plugins option) without any extra steps.

It will be a time saving feature for any mastering engineers using an analog processing loop or mastering from tape (or other external) source.

I do understand that I can copy the plugins that I was listening to onto the clip once it is recorded. Then the plugins would be applied on a per clip basis when playing back or rendering. But sometimes you would like to have the plugin “printed” on the recorded wav file.

bob weston