Cardinal Synth, does it work with Cubase?


UPDATED: Now VST3 is working since version 22.07.

I am trying to run Cardinal (the open source VST synth) inside Cubase 12 but without luck.
I can see theVST3 plugins in the plugin manager and they are also searchable as VST Instruments and as Send FX but when i try to use them they will not show in the inserts list. Anyone else tried?

This is the plugin link

For posterity: it seems to be a problem with their VST distribution not loading in the major DAWs.

Cardinal v22.06 VST3, Win 10, loads perfectly fine in Reaper v6.6x, Ableton Live v11.1x and Bitwig v4.x
Loading issue only occurs with Cubase Pro v11.0.41 and v12.0.30 - I also tested it on Nuendo v12.0.30 offsite, exhibits the same load issue - which is really unfortunate as Cubase Pro v12 is my main DAW.

Seems to only be an issue with Steinberg DAW’s :thinking:

On the GitHub of the developers explain the VST3 is in an experimental state and you shöuuld use the VST2. So - no surprise.
It runs perfectly on my CB12/Win10

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Ahhh… thanks for the heads up. Shall try the VST2 tomorrow :+1:t2:

Just odd that the only hosts which the VST3 doesn’t work in are by the company that created the standard :joy:

Yep confirmed it works with VST2, thanks.

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And now also VST 3.