Careful with Winamp

Just want to share this with you guys.
We just noticed that installing Winamp on a Windows 7 (64bit) machine screws up ASIO performance to a point where it is impossible to play any project beneath 2048 samples.


Hi Fredo,

thanks for sharing this useful info!

Thanks much,

Hello Fredo…
You found out the reason for this nasty problem we had when setting up the last new PC.
We just decluttered Win7 and kicked out unneeded stuff, after which it everything worked.
Now, we know what it actually was.

Big K

I never experienced any problems at all with winamp (5.572) and asio performance…and my rme runs @ 128 samples while I’m tracking

Me too…

Tried an older version?

Do you have Windows System sounds mapped to your audio card?


Thanks for the hint! Though I just use Mediaplayer even if it is not comparable to winamp on the DAW because I do not want to install additional stuff… I found out that the VLC player is fine on the DAW…