Caret not always advancing with Ctrl-Alt-Shift-arrow

When I’m in note input and I edit a duration (Ctrl-Z, or Shift-Alt-L/R), the caret advances to the correct spot for me to continue note entry.

It doesn’t always work for Ctrl-Alt-Shift-L/R, however. Sometimes it advances correctly, sometimes it doesn’t and I have to move it manually, which throws me off. Seems like a bug.

I was able to reproduce one example where the caret doesn’t advance when Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Left arrow is used, and it has to be moved manually:

caret not advancing.png

Dorico won’t move the caret when you lengthen or shorten without using the current grid value, which is what happens when you use Command/Ctrl as well as Shift+Alt, and why there’s an inconsistency. It may not in general always be possible to move the caret in this situation, but it should be possible to do so at least some of the time. We’ll take a look.

Ah, that makes sense… if the resulting duration is different than the grid, the caret wouldn’t know what to do.

Except… the caret does indeed move when there’s only one note being halved or doubled, but not when it’s a chord. In both cases, I was creating a note duration (changing from whole to half) that was represented on the rhythmic grid.